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Bloomberg Quicktake - System Shock


From reinventing the concept of money, to running government and even building new cities, Blockchain technology offers its believers the promise of better and more efficient world.

System Shock is a three-part series from Bloomberg Quicktake that explores how blockchain applications are disrupting the status quo, and what the future may look like. Each episode contains interviews with key players working to bring Blockchain creations into the mainstream. 

I was tasked with creating a set of graphics for the series - from the opener, the section titles, to photo collages, containers, thumbnails and explainers that complement the storytelling. It was a lot of fun working with a vibrant color palette, and a low-fi, retro 80s aesthetics that juxtapose with the state of the technology.

smart contracts title
supply chain
web 3

Watch the Series


From Bitcoin to DeFi (in 12 Short Years)

Supply Chain

This Huge Bet on Blockchain Could Change A $50 Trillion Industry

Blockchain Town

This Western State Wants to Be America’s Crypto Capital

Art Direction by Rubab Shakir
Design and Motion by Crystal Tai
Direction, Production and Writing by the Bloomberg Video Team


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