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The Trading Guru and His Money-Losing Disciples


IM Academy was a global phenomenon, claiming it could make anyone a top trader. Its founder, Chris Terry, a self-made trader turned multimillionaire who flaunted luxury cars, private jets and apartments across continents, said IM was more than just a path to financial freedom. It was a worldview. While Terry has made millions, 94% of IM's members lose money. Now, the company is under investigation.

I had the pleasure to work with Bloomberg Originals to create the art direction, motion elements and storyboards for the animated segment that depicts the story of Monique Jones and her experience with an online trading learning platform IM Academy. The neon bold color schemes used in the animation helps to convey the pressure and intensity of the trading world, while also highlighting the dangers of scams like IM Academy. Watch the full video here


Color Explorations

PHOTO-2023-08-17-00-35-25 (1).jpg

Producer & Editor: James Rattee
Art Direction and Animation: Crystal Tai

Character Design and Backgrounds: Marbee Tran

Cel Animation: Nga Ngyuen

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